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Steve Dragswolf is a writer who has cultivated a rich professional journey within the spiritual and community outreach sectors, where he has refined his expertise in pastoral counseling, educational ministry, and organizational leadership in his previous roles as both an Associate and Discipleship pastor.

Steve is committed to exploring Christian teachings and doctrines that push for vital changes in society and individual lives. His dedication to spiritual mentorship, scriptural study, and advocacy for meaningful community improvement is at the heart of his mission.

As an enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes (Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation) of North Dakota, he is also wholly dedicated to the advancement of Indigenous peoples in the Americas and beyond.

Steve mostly writes and edits for Christian and Nonprofit organizations, with B2C writing and editing comprising most of it. He’s best at content writing, copy editing, creative writing, storytelling, copywriting, and proofreading.


Let David Lead Us Through the Wilderness This Lent
The pandemic has disrupted everything, but the Lord remains our strength and our song.

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A Personal Note

I love telling stories

As an art form, the story is often relegated to creative endeavors. And for good reason, since that is where storytelling shines. We look to novelists, essayists, playwrights, and poets to find what inspires us. We look to them to understand our own experiences and to be brought into the lives of others, broadening our understandings of one another.

Storytellers help us to be human

As humans, storytelling infuses everything we do. No matter where or what we are doing, we tell stories. Some excel at this while others struggle, but that doesn’t change the fact that humans must tell stories to communicate well.

Nonprofits, churches, organizations, and other businesses often struggle to tell their stories, relying on facts alone to inspire. This leaves potential customers and members feeling disassociated from an organization’s mission because they either don’t know the vision or don’t care. Fostering engagement is difficult when individuals do not have a vested interest.

A well-rounded background

My experience as a pastor has given me insight into how to deal with people of varying beliefs and reach actionable goals for an organization. I have helped lead a church, managed staff, and directed administrative church processes. I have also been the church’s voice, preaching and inspiring others to align with a vision and engage with unified goals. Through many conflicts, I have learned to communicate with grace and compassion.

My experience as a Communications Director for a mid-sized church and Communications Manager for a high-level academic program, The Montgomery Fellows Program at Dartmouth College, taught me the necessity of clear communication and storytelling. The key to clear business communication is to focus on an organization’s purpose, vision, and goals and then craft a compelling picture to get people to join the mission through several avenues.

My experience as a writer and editor helps to paint that picture persuasively.

My experience in leadership and public speaking means I can lead a team toward a shared vision.

My diverse work history has helped me become a compelling storyteller, leader, and communicator for nonprofits, churches, organizations, and businesses. I can confidently inhabit any role, whether as a team member or a part of leadership. My storytelling can be done in writing and on the stage, in digital or physical format. And I can relate to people, helping individuals understand any vision or mission and meet organizational goals. Most importantly, I can connect with individuals and help them understand any vision or mission, ultimately aiding in achieving organizational goals.